PoemsA Strange Year - Reasons 4 Rhymes

March 5, 20210

A strange year

It has been a very strange year, like none we have had before

Corona 19 pandemic, came knocking on our door

It has changed the world we live in, and our lives from day to day

And despite the efforts that were made, it is still not gone away

It is coming on a year now, since our first recorded case

And everyone has felt the pain, our world is a different place

Pubs hotels and restaurants, have had to close their doors

Uni’s, schools and churches, and all non-essential stores

Our workforce, where it is possible, have been asked to work from home

And we’re all asked to be sensible, and not to cross the foam

Holidays have been cancelled, weddings put on hold

People are affected, in each family and household

We can’t even have a gathering, when a friend or loved one dies

We never thought we would be deprived, to say our last goodbyes

The thoughts that our hospitals would not cope, was probably our biggest fear

But thankfully they have all stood up, though they had a real tough year

So to put it very mildly, it has been a trying test

And despite the painful constraints, we all have done our best

But things they are improving now, although progress is slow

There is light inside the tunnel, we all can see a glow

I believe the fifth of April, is the new date that’s been set

And restrictions will be lifted, if the targets have been met

The death numbers are dropping, confirmed cases coming down

Normality slowly coming back, to our cities and our town

Hospital numbers dipping, vaccinations being rolled out

We are at the beginning of the end, in that I have no doubt

All those little bits of news, gives us hope within our heart

Every day that passes, brings us nearer, a new start

The normal life that we once knew, we might never see again

But when this plague has passed us, a new era will begin

And the life that we will enter, when we open a new door

Could be even brighter, than the one we knew before

Peter Costello

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