PoemsSpring - Reasons 4 Rhymes

February 24, 20210

Spring Time

The flowers have just begun to bloom, the shoots begun to bud

The badger has made his new den, in a corner of the wood

The swallows have returned to us, and the cuckoo has come too

The clouds, they are dispersing, and the sky is getting blue

The grass is getting greener, and has just started to grow

The birds have started building, in the shrubbery and hedgerow

The veg it has been planted, and soon it will have grown

Our lawns have just awoken, and are ready now for mown

The fields are full of new life, of calves and lambs and foals

There are rabbits, hares and foxes, field mice and tiny moles

The evenings are getting longer, the mornings getting bright

The moon is looking bigger, and is throwing out more light

The bees and bats and butterflies, are zooming through the air

The birds are singing in the trees, there is beauty everywhere

The primroses are out in force, the winter’s frost they did survive

Spring times is upon us, and it is so good to be alive

Peter Costello




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