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The fun way for kids to start maths!

Here’s SumStart, the simple, fun way to introduce counting and computation to give your child the head start in maths.

Simple, Child & Eco Friendly

Here is a simple, child & Eco friendly board which facilitates counting, addition, subtraction and multiplication. It gives the child the opportunity to fill in the empty slots on the board with the correct numbered piece, a child cannot get it wrong thus builds confidence in their mathematical ability.

Ideal For Individual Learning

SumStart is ideal for individual learning, collaboration learning and station teaching, it enables the child to develop, practice and consolidate a range of skills in mathematic that develops conceptual understanding through pictorial representation.

Quick Way To Perform Assessment

Educators know how important it is for your child to get the best possible start with numbers, Sumstart promotes mental maths skills, estimating skills and is an early introduction into problem solving skills. Teachers, Sumstart is a quick way to perform assessment for learning and assessment of learning while also focusing on covering the number strand in the curriculum.

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