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Over the years I have written verses about every type of occasion from births to deaths and everything in between. Any occasion that is happening I can write about it. I write verses for Best Man (and woman) Speeches. Some people really worry about their speech at a wedding and it ruins their day. I can take that pressure off them. If they tell me what they would like to say, I will put it into a verse with a bit of humour in it and all they have to do is read it out. No pressure on them what so ever. Some people want a verse written about their first child. They want to capture that great feeling they have and hold on to it forever. I can capture that in a poem. It is something they will always have. I also write poems about birthdays, retirements, engagements, weddings, everything you can think of including verses about people that have passed away.
It is nice to have their lives story put into a verse with their picture, have it framed and hung on a wall. You will feel that they are always close by you. Below you will find a list of the different services I supply

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